Repper helps you pattern everything!
Here are a few examples

Web Design

Spice up your Site by Wouter Walmink

Interior Design

Pillow Posse by Sacred and Profane

Product Design

Repper your product by Alexander Rulkens

Graphic Design

Will you, Repper? by Carli Hyland

Web Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Graphic Design

Spice up your Site

Web Design & Repper by Wouter Walmink

Spice up your blog

Need to add some flavour to your blog or site? Want something unique, but need it fast?

Repper is at your service

Simplicity that works

Line drawings and illustrations work great as a basis for creating backgrounds. You can find hundreds of pretty patterns in any image.

Make it monochrome

You can make your background designs fit any color scheme. Single colors or black & white options are just a click away.

Fade to grey

You might not want your background to pop out too much. Use the color options to turn any pattern into a subtle relief.

Pillow Posse

Interior Design & Repper by Sacred & Profane

Spoil your Behinds

We have this nice designer chair.. but something is missing. I know! A cushion is what is missing. So let’s make one ourselves shall we? Oh that’s awesome, our fellow crafter Sissy Gavrilaki already made one for us, lets check out how she did it.

Simplicity that works

And Repper comes in, pick a kind-of square source image. Sissy chose an orange base colour with a white pattern. Of course pick something that suits your furniture.

Make it orange

You can make your pattern design fit any color scheme. Single colors or black & white options are just a click away. Export your tile in the highest quality possible ( that is .tiff ).

Print It

Now lets upload the tile design to a production service which is going to make our fabric. For fabric we usually use Spoonflower, but there are countless other production services. Here are a couple to get you started: Ponoko for 2d designs and 3d printing, Shapeways for 3d printing and for cloathing print.

Make It

Using the just-delivered fabric, we sew together our Repper enhanced pillow. Nice! Now let our buttocks enjoy the patterned softness.
We can also share our pride and make more custom products to sell on Etsy, and of course upload your designs on this website, to inspire others.

Repper your Product

Product Design & Repper by Alexander Rulkens

Its easy as 1,2,3

Everyone can make patterned products with Repper. Here’s how we made ourselves a Repper mug.

And Repper comes in

Make a cool pattern using the Repper. Let’s use a P6 ( star like ) pattern for a cool seamless result. Export as a large surface; a larger resolution means more detail on the print.


Lets go to Zazzle‘s custom mug service, and place our surface on the mug. Play around a bit and order your own when you are happy.

Now we can get our daily dose of caffeine in our own patterned mug!

Will you, Repper?

Graphic Design & Repper by Carli Hyland

The story

One of my close friends is getting married and asked me – the graphic designer – to make their wedding invitation. I have to make something beautiful and special. Why not use a Repper pattern? Let’s see how Carli Hyland handled this case.

The story

The invitation is going to be black and white, because those are the wedding colours, right? So let’s base our pattern on a black and white image. Now it’s time to play around with the selector, until we get a great romantic creation. Or just one that looks right. Export it as a tile.

Make it monochrome

You can make your pattern designs fit any color scheme. Single colors or black & white options are just a click away.

Design it

Using a visual editing program like Adobe Photoshop, we design the invitation. Your tiles don’t always need to be used as seamless patterns. As you can see in the right part of the card, Carly pasted the pattern irregularly to make it more dynamic and exciting.

Print it

Of course we need to contact our local printing service, and send them the working design. And don’t forget to make a custom envelope to fit the letter.
Et voila, let’s send those invitations!

Web Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Graphic Design