Lost your serial code?

Fill in your email address (the one you used to purchase Repper) and we will send you all the information to get started again with Repper.

Frequently asked questions

I installed the latest version of Adobe AIR and now some of the patterns are broken.

This is caused by a bug in the latest version of Adobe AIR in Windows (Mac is unaffected). You can easily get Repper Pro to work again by removing your current Adobe AIR installation (search for “Add remove programs” in the start menu) and install the previous version via this link: Adobe AIR 22.0 Installer (download).

We hope the next release of Adobe AIR will have resolved this bug.

I purchased Repper, but received no receipt with my serial key.

Sometimes the receipt we send you can be blocked by your email provider. The easiest thing is to check your spam first. If you cannot find the email in there, you can have the serial code send to you again by filling in your email address in the field above. Still not receiving it? Contact us by email.

I reinstalled my operating system / bought a new computer. How do I reinstall Repper?

Go to our download page and reinstall Repper. You can use the same serial key, that you received from us when you purchased Repper. Cannot find your code? Have the serial code send to you again by filling in your email address in the field above.

I put in my email address and serial key in my installed Repper software, but the “Authorize” button remains disabled.

If this happens, check the following things:

  • Are you using the same exact email address you provided when you purchased Repper?
  • Did you put in the serial key correctly, with the dashes included and without any spaces?
  • Did you check the box “I agree to the terms of service”, under the serial key?

When the email address and serial key are entered correctly, a green checkmark should appear next to your serial code.

Repper opens in my taskbar, but I see no window.

This is usually due to a quirk in Windows, and generally solved by clicking on Repper Pro in your taskbar, then hold down your Windows key (the 4 squares in the circle) and then tap the right arrow key.

The installation does not finish, or Repper closes quickly after opening.

Some anti-virus software is a little too strict and tries to block Repper. The best way to deal with this depends on the specific software you are using and the settings. Try adding Repper to the list of safe applications (sometimes called “sandbox”) or disable your anti-virus software while installing Repper.

Got another question?

You can always email us with any questions. We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.