Show the world how creative you can get with patterns!

days left to participate


Participating is easy: get creative and make your most imaginative design with a Repper pattern. Ready? Sign up or log in with Facebook and upload your design.

Finally, promote your creation! The design with the most Facebook likes will win the public award. Lots of likes will also get you noticed for the jury awards.

See below for the rules and tips how to promote yourself!


Every entry has a chance to win one of three awards.

Best overall design

Make the most professional and best executed design. A good product photo and clear description help too.

Most original design

Think out of the box and create the most unexpected application of a pattern.

Public award

Get the most Facebook likes on your design to win the public award.


Win awesomely unique products in every category: you choose! Get your own pattern design:



Short version

Don't cheat. Of course you are more than welcome to be inspired by other people's ideas. Don't blatantly copy and if you were inspired by others, say so (and show some link love).

Full version

Please do read the full overview of the contest rules before you participate. It's pretty straight-forward, but we'd rather be safe than sorry.



You can participate with as many designs as you wish. It can work really well to start with a small project and scale up when you get the hang of it.


Share your design on facebook and encourage friends to do so too. Make it go viral! Blogs love creativity, so notify your favorite ones.