Why scrapbookers Repper?

Create patterns effortlessly

“Pattern-making in Photoshop is a laborious task that I tend to avoid.
Enter Repper. It is a pattern creator that turns your images into patterned designs.”
— Renee Pearson, ReneePearson.com
“I love patterns but often struggle to make a variety of interesting ones. Have to say, I love playing with this program and could keep going all day.”
— Lissa, Hunnybee Design

Perfect for scrapbooking

“I put Repper through its paces and ended up with a gorgeous little set of digital scrapbook papers. I’m really thrilled with them.”
— Diane Rooney, dianerooney.co.uk
“I created a coordinate to go with it using Repper, which is this really cool program that makes coordinates super easy. It is tons of fun & a bit addicting as well.”
— Stephanie Costello, LusciousLifeStudios.com

Do so much more

You can use Repper patterns in almost any craft or design. People has used Repper to make lamp shades, iPhone cases, pillows, school art projects, clothspins, mugs, stationary, greeting cards, laptop stands, engraved boxes, bananas and cookies.